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Affordable genealogy and family tree research

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Do You Want to Trace Your Ancestors?

Perhaps you just haven't found the time, or the prospect of all that research seems too daunting.

Let me do all the hard work for you

Hello. I'm Pauline Golds, author of Grow Your Own Family Tree: A Comprehensive Guide to Tracing Your Ancestry.

I offer a competitively priced service designed specifically around your needs.

Although I have specialist knowledge of Sussex family history, my family tree research covers all parts of the UK and Ireland and other countries including America and Canada. There is no set fee. We will discuss your interests and I will only do as much or as little as you require. There will be no upfront charges for my time and I will even check that I can provide what you need before I go ahead.

For full details please visit my How It Works page.

The complete bespoke family tree service